ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

We are able to treat and diagnosis ADHD online. No need for appointment and waiting.

If you were previously on medications for ADHD and want to restart again and get your life back on track we are able to assist. We are able to help get your life back on track again.

Have problems concentrating, unable to get anything done and it’s a recurrent thing and affecting your daily life and career. Then it might be time to consider to get a evaluation and consult with a doctor who specializes in ADHD.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we are now able to diagnosis and treat via telemedicine. Everything is done online and no need to walk into a waiting room and go to a clinic and risk getting exposed to any germs in particular Covid-19.

If you would like a consult and get treatment then Register NOW.

How it Works

  1. Register online. Answer the questionnaire. (its real quick and easy)
  2. Make a payment $150 for consultation and prescription.
  3. Select appointment time for consult with the Doctor to evaluate and prescribe your medication.

Consult and Prescription

You will then have a telemedicine visit online via video or phone.

You will be in direct contact with the clinic team all the way from registration to getting your prescription an follow up appointment via our secured HIPPA compliant TEXT.