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  3. We will then have your prescription sent to your Preferred Pharmacy.
  1. After your consultation call, our doctor determine your prescription needs.
  2. He/she will call or E-prescribe A Prescription for Pickup, directly to the local pharmacy of your choice.

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What can you do at Virtual Doctors Online?

Get Prescription Safely and Privately

Have the Prescription delivered right to your doorsteps or to your selected pharmacy!

No need to travel far for the Prescription that you need, rest assured that your Prescription will arrive as soon as possible.

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We can treat various conditions, from UTI to sinusitis and more, through our online doctor services consultation. 

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Get Lifestyle Medications

Get Viagra, Cialis, Contrave, Propecia, and other lifestyle drugs.

We understand that people have individual needs and lifestyle medications, therefore, we offer lifestyle drugs that are appropriate to your specific health condition.

Order Medicines for Mental and Sexual Health

We Can Prescribe Lexapro, Prozac, and other drugs for depression and STD without the need to visit us.

We understand how hard it is to deal with depression and STD issues so if you prefer an online consultation instead of a physical visit to a doctor, Virtual Doctors Online is here to serve you.

What Medical Conditions Can Our Online Doctor Services Help You With?

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