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If You Have A Medical Or Behavioral Health Emergency, Call 911.

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a life-threatening condition or acute or severe symptoms.

Here are some common questions.

VirtualDocsOnline.com is a virtual concierge medical service on the Internet for your online stop for medical consultations, diagnoses, labs, and prescription refills. We provide prescription refill service for various medications. We provide many services that urgent care provides and many more.
We use our PayPal to process your payment which is totally safe and secure.
Many of these conditions or illnesses are easily treated by talking with a physician over the phone and does not need to be seen in person. Or if requested through telemedicine.
Yes we can do temporary refills on most medications but it is a temporary and we are not a replacement from your regular doctor. We will not refill any substance controlled medications, narcotics, sedatives and at our doctor discretion of certain medications. We our compliant in following all telemedicine policies and regulations.
We are in the process enabling you to order labs with our partners and should be available soon.
Please also remember that VirtualDocsOnline is not intended as a replacement for emergency medical services and we only dispense pre-arranged medications for certain conditions. If you find yourself in a medical emergency, please dial 911 immediately