Frequently Asked Questions

Need Assistance? Send us your Questions or Concerns. is a virtual concierge Medical Service on the Internet for your online one-stop needs for medical consultations, diagnoses, labs, and prescription refills. We provide prescription refill services for various medications. We also provide Online Medical Consultation Services that physical hospitals or clinics provide through our licensed and professional healthcare practitioners. Expect cost-effective, timely, reliable, and effective Online Medical Services with Virtual Doctors Online.

We use our PayPal to process your payment which is Totally Safe and Secure.

Many of these conditions or illnesses are easily treated by talking with a physician over the phone and does not need to be seen in person. Powered by the revolutionary idea of Telemedicine, we guarantee Safe and Secure Online Prescription that will help our patients recover from their health-related complaints.

Yes, we can do Temporary Refills on most medications but it is temporary only and not as a replacement to your regular doctor’s prescription. We will not refill any controlled medications or substances, narcotics, or sedatives at our doctors’ discretion of certain medications. We are Compliant in following all Telemedicine Policies and Regulations.

We are in the process of enabling you to order labs with our partners and should be Available Soon.

Please bear in mind that VirtualDocsOnline is NOT intended as a replacement for Emergency Medical Services and we only dispense Pre-Arranged Medications for certain conditions. If you find yourself in a Medical Emergency, Please dial 911 immediately.

Yes, Due to the covid 19 Pandemic we are able to treat patient online as if It were in a real office visit.
Yes, if you have been on medication before for ADHD and no issues.
We send it electronically and arrives directly to you preferred pharmacy.
Dr. Lee and his staff will be able to help and assist.

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