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We can treat various Conditions from UTI to Sinusitis and more through our Online Healthcare Consultation.

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Get Viagra, Cialis, Contrave, Propecia, and other lifestyle drugs.

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We Can Prescribe Lexapro, Prozac, and other drugs for depression and STD without the need to visit us.

We understand how hard it is to deal with depression and STD issues so if you prefer an online consultation instead of a physical visit to a doctor, Virtual Doctors Online is here to serve you.

Our Process

From your Mobile Device or Computer simply click on “Consult a Doctor Now”, fill out the short questionnaire or E-form, and make a secured pre-payment.

Consult With
Qualified U.S. Doctors

Within 10-20 minutes on average, we will Contact You via telephone  or text and ask you various questions about your Chief Complaint, Medical History, Allergies, and Confirm your Pharmacy information. We will then have your prescription sent to your Preferred Pharmacy.

Your Prescription

Within a few minutes after you Consulted Online if the doctor deems it medically necessary he/she will call or E-prescribe A Prescription for Pickup, directly to the Local Pharmacy of your choice

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Our Medical Expertise

Our highly-qualified team of medical providers can evaluate common conditions like:

Bacterial Vaginosis
Bites and Stings

Body Aches
Itchy Eyes
Medication Refills Migraines
Mild Lacerations
Nasal Congestion
Pink Eye
Respiratory Infections
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Sinus Infections
Sinus Symptoms
Skin Infections
Brand Strategy
Sore Throat
Sprains and Strains
Travel Medications
Urinary Tract Infections Vomiting
Yeast Infections

Why Choose Us

Qualified Doctors

Our Online Doctors here in VIRTUAL DOCTORS ONLINE have years of medical practice and experience to assist you with your medical needs and provide you with high-quality medical care at your convenience.

Our Licensed Healthcare Professionals are aware of the varying needs of the patients so we only provide the best, uncompromised and customized MEDICAL SERVICES ONLINE.

Trust our Online Health Consultation Services and have the Prescription that you need to be prepared by our ONLINE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

Quick And Easy Process

Our process is quick and easy, just click "CONSULT A DOCTOR NOW" and enter your prescription needs or medical concerns to get a prescription that will be sent to your preferred pharmacy.

With Virtual Doctors Online, you can have your Health Condition Checked Online without spending too much time and money in transportation and waiting hours in the hospital or physical clinics.

Technology has so much to offer so we utilize its innovation by offering our TELEMEDICINE SERVICES or ONLINE MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS at affordable prices.

Flexible and Private

VIRTUAL DOCTORS ONLINE offers Flexible Medical Solutions to common ailments and diseases and will help patients managed them with the right medications.

Our Online Health Consultations are private and Flexible to ensure the convenience of the patients and to provide warranted and dynamic ONLINE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS and assistance.

We comply with the Ethical and Privacy Standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that is designed to protect the Medical or Health Records of the patients that are provided by Healthcare Institutions.

Save Money And Time

VIRTUAL DOCTORS ONLINE is your answer for affordable healthcare solutions to our healthcare system. No need to pay for travel costs to receive urgent care, ER visit, or doctor check-ups.

Bypass the waiting room and time-consuming process of getting your medication. Save time and money by using our MEDICAL SERVICES ONLINE. No insurance needed. We charge a flat fee for consultations with no extra hidden costs.

We charge for only $49 for your Online Consultation via our secure server by STRIPE. No membership needed, but we also offer optional membership with fees for premium services.

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VirtualDocsOnline.com is a virtual concierge Medical Service on the Internet for your online one-stop needs for medical consultations, diagnoses, labs, and prescription refills. We provide prescription refill services for various medications. We also provide Online Medical Consultation Services that physical hospitals or clinics provide through our licensed and professional healthcare practitioners. Expect cost-effective, timely, reliable, and effective Online Medical Services with Virtual Doctors Online.

We use our PayPal to process your payment which is Totally Safe and Secure.

Many of these conditions or illnesses are easily treated by talking with a physician over the phone and does not need to be seen in person. Powered by the revolutionary idea of Telemedicine, we guarantee Safe and Secure Online Prescription that will help our patients recover from their health-related complaints.

Yes, we can do Temporary Refills on most medications but it is temporary only and not as a replacement to your regular doctor’s prescription. We will not refill any controlled medications or substances, narcotics, or sedatives at our doctors’ discretion of certain medications. We are Compliant in following all Telemedicine Policies and Regulations.

We are in the process of enabling you to order labs with our partners and should be Available Soon.

Please bear in mind that VirtualDocsOnline is NOT intended as a replacement for Emergency Medical Services and we only dispense Pre-Arranged Medications for certain conditions. If you find yourself in a Medical Emergency, Please dial 911 immediately.